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an instrument for iOS that automagically creates atmospheric soundscapes

Part instrument, part interactive ambience, part subtly-changing New Age album, moodscaper's autoplay button is a wonderful introduction to its charms.  With a single touch, it generates a musical artwork that's different every time.


A worthy and lush-sounding musical companion.

Sound On Sound - Aug 2016

New app available NOW!  guitarscaper...

While all of the guitarscaper sounds originated from a single electric guitar, many have been extensively processed to create an “impossible guitar” that can morph between orchestral-type swells and ethereal choir-like sounds. Think of it as guitar DNA taken to the next level!

For more details download the PDF Quick Start Guide

moodscaper is also an easy to use instrument for creating epic-sounding pads and effects as part of a larger iPad-based music-making setup.  A quick start guide for moodscaper is available here:


For more advanced features, such as loading your own sounds please check out the following advanced guide:

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moodscaper main features


  • Unique generative atmospheric sample-based instrument

  • Simple no text user interface

  • Five scale-based moods

  • Five loopers with optional sync

  • Provides tasteful auto-accompaniment to playing in realtime or loops

  • Effects section with filter, delay and reverb

  • Effects tweaks can be recorded in loopers

  • Additional 20 key instrument for each mood

  • ability to replace all of the sounds to create a totally custom instrument!

  • Hints displayed on keys when root note changes

  • Sounds are randomly "stacked" for an even bigger sound and more variation

  • Variable dynamics control from mellow and sparse, to full-on drama!

  • IAA support (as a generator) with no special setup required

demo sounds

Here are some demo sound samples you can load into moodscaper - please refer to the manual for detailed instructions.  All demo recordings are 100% moodscaper with no additional processing or overdubs.

massive mellow modular features a collection of 300 classic synth sounds and effects! Atmospheric pads, broody basses, swirly leads and bleeps and bloops!

ambient electric guitar contains over 170 samples of shimmering chords and sustained fuzz tones - great for atmospheric guitar-scapes and moodscaper-tronics!

extraordinary orchestra contains over 350 samples featuring brass, strings, woodwinds and ethereal choirs with the addition of a few extraordinary sounds such as infinitely sustaining bass piano and scattered fragments of reversed harp, tuned percussion and ominous cymbal swells.  With each key having multiple sound assignments, you're never quite sure what you're going to get!  I hope you agree, this orchestra is quite extraordinary!  The demo video is running on an iPad mini - no additional processing.

To install a sound set, please follow these steps:

  1. download sound sets

  2. unzip the folders to your desktop (say)

  3. create a folder on your desktop called “sounds"

  4. move the folders from step 2 into step 3 (sounds folder on desktop)

  5. start iTunes

  6. connect your device

  7. go to device section (little iPad pic next to music)

  8. click on Apps in settings

  9. in the home screens section, right hand side, scroll down to “Documents”

  10. select moodscaper in Apps list

  11. if you see a folder called sounds delete it - select / backspace

  12. drag sounds folder from your desktop into moodscaper Documents

  13. wait till you see it in there, with size the same as it is (approx) on your desktop version

  14. re-launch moodscaper if it was running already - no need to reboot.

Alternatively, download all the sounds from the link button below.  Simply unzip the folder called "sounds" and drag it into the moodscaper Documents section of your device using iTunes.

Please check out pianoscaper too!  An "impossible" piano!

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